Simi tells up-and-coming artists how to ‘blow’



Popular singer and songwriter, Simi, full name Simisola Kosoko has explained how up-and-coming artists can get exposure in the music industry.

Simi explained that up-and-coming need to sell themselves very well on social media to get the exposure they seek.

She gave the advice after requesting to be referred to up-and-coming artists who sounded fresh but were left disappointed.

“Y’all, if you know any fresh-sounding artistes that are still underground, show me. I want to feed my ears,” Simi wrote on Instagram.

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However, she expressed disappointment on Friday lamenting how growing artists barely sell their craft online.

“You are a ‘serious’ growing artist and you have only three posts on your page; a picture of the sunset, one of aeroplane, and one of your shoe.

“Caption – Lost, but don’t find me. Nothing with your music in it. That’s not a great look. If you want it bad, always be selling yourself.

“Leave the mysterious sh*t for when you’ve won! Even then, still leave it.”

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