Adeboye announces fasting days for RCCG members


Pastor Enoch Adeboye renames Redemption Camp as Redemption City

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God in Lagos, has told the faithful to get ready to begin fasting from 11 January.

He made the announcement at the Holy Ghost Service of the church early today, which has the theme ‘FRESH AIR’.

“For those who have been asking when RCCG will be fasting, we are fasting for only 50 days this year.

“We are starting on the 11th of January to 2nd of March”, he said.

Adeboye also announced that the The February Holy Ghost Service will hold on the 4th of February.

“The theme is MIRACLES. When the Lord told me that will be the theme for February I jumped for joy. So I don’t need to advice you to be around for your miracles”.

Adeboye, who said his church is organising a special prayer for Nigeria and the world, said he has got 16,000 volunteers, far more than the 1,000 he asked for.

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“I said during the Cross Over Service that the situation in Nigeria has reached a stage where we shouldn’t be talking, we should be doing something about bringing a solution. I said then that Coro has given birth to children and that the children are already beginning to give birth to children. I said Omicron is not a child but a grandchild that we have been dealing with.

“It is frightening that between December 31st and now there is already another variety, another grandchild. This one is called IHU. They say it’s more serious than Omicron.

“Brethren we are not dealing with a minor problem so we don’t need to handle it with casual prayers. .

“So I asked for a thousand volunteers to join me to pray for Nigeria and the world on December 31st.

“I am happy to tell you that by now I have already gotten more than 16,000.

“I have been having some problems convincing those who are 70 and above not to join.

“I still believe God answers prayers. I still believe where science has failed, God will not fail”.

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