Videos about me saying people will go to hell are lies - Mummy G.O.


Evangelist Oluwafunmilayo Adebayo

Evangelist Oluwafunmilayo Adebayo, alias Mummy G.O said that many videos about her sermons, saying people will go to hell have been edited and are false.

She said this while giving her reaction to funny short clips and memes shared on social media about her in a BBC interview published on Sunday.

According to her, people behind those videos started it over eight years ago.

She denied saying people who use MasterCard are going to hell because she herself uses MasterCard.

The evangelist also said getting a Master’s Degree doesn’t mean one would go to hell and she never said such.

Asked if her teaching and convictions about female footballers going to hell fire and others are backed by the scripture, she cited a verse in the Bible.

“Deuteronomy 22:5 says no woman shall wear anything that belongs to a man and no man wears things belonging to a woman. It is inside the same Bible we all read”.

The cleric also revealed during the interview that her messages have made her receive death threats from other pastors and people she doesn’t know.

She said guns have been pointed at her and she has been pursued and spied on by people she doesn’t know, owing to her messages.

The spiritualist said after receiving these threats and she did not back down, these set of people came to social media to begin all the blackmail.

Evangelist Adebayo also apologized to artists and superstars her preaching may have touched, noting that she is not trying to bring anybody down.

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Speaking on her past when she was ‘on the other side’ before being called, the evangelist said: “I was not a child of God from the beginning but in the other side of the world ‘darkness.’ I was working for the darkness doing all sorts of things in the church, attacking the church, molesting pastors and when God called me out after many preachings and prophecies, I would laugh.

“I responded then saying Jesus said in the Bible ‘I know my people my people know me but me I don’t know Jesus’ even though all my family members are pastors. I told them I don’t believe in Jesus and I’ve arrested a pastor before for telling me God called me.

“When Jesus started talking to me to repent and he wants to use me I destroyed all my power and had to follow him.

She reiterated her preaching during the interview saying that the only way anybody can make heaven is to obey God which she describes as very difficult.

Speaking on her mandate as a spiritualist the evangelist said her work is to prepare people for heaven and the coming of Christ (rapture).

Asked how she feels about being called Mummy GO, she said “that’s a new title and I don’t feel bad. Why will I feel bad?

“People don’t know I exist and now they hear many bad things about me. The wise among them will want to know the truth about me, from there they will know me she said.

On viral clips about her going round on social media, the evangelist said “I have seen plenty of these videos yet I don’t feel bad.

“I don’t feel bad because many of those sharing the clips are not my enemies. Many of them don’t know me and are just flexing on the social media that this is the new trend.

“Many don’t know why those who started sharing the clips are doing it.  Many youth just join things that would make them laugh so they are not my enemies at all, they don’t even know me.

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