Work like Dangote: Ashimolowo tells Nigerians praying to be billionaires

Matthew Ashimolowo

Matthew Ashimolowo

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has advised Nigerians seeking God’s favour to be rich like Aliko Dangote to stop seeking miracles.

He advised them to work hard like Dangote and try to understand the principles that lead to wealth creation.

Ashimolowo, founder of Kingsway International Christian Centre in London, spoke as a guest on Day 7 of the Church of Zion Assembly(COZA) in Abuja.

“You need to have financial vision and clearly detailed; I want a million dollars by the end of 2022. Write it down and this is the amount I want.

“Not just be singing; “I want to be a billionaire; Dangote did not have two heads.”

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You can sing what you like. Nigeria rappers are very interesting. The only thing they do is Dangote, Otedola, Adeleke. The only thing you hear on our radio is Dangote, Otedola… Go and work like they did.

“I’ve never seen anyone who works like Aliko Dangote, I flew with him in a first-class in one time, from Lagos to London. The flight took off 11:00pm.

“Before then all the guys in the first class cabin slept off, ladies and gentlemen, Dangote was the last to sleep. I have to preach by 8:00am, so I have to sleep ooo but when I woke by 1:00 am to go to the bathroom, he was still going through the note he will use for the meeting he was going to in London. I was thinking to myself, what is he even doing in a commercial flight?

“At that time, he was worth 3-4 billion dollars, not now that he’s worth over 15 billion dollars and then they will be singing Dangote does not have two heads.

“Many believers, they don’t copy what the man did and it is in the scripture; the Bible says four rivers go out of the garden of Eden. Four rivers stand for wealth. Dangote has 53 rivers, you have one – Salary.”

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