How 50 AK-47 wielding herdsmen killed and burned homes in Ondo village

AK 47 gun-toting herdsman

AK 47 gun-toting herdsman

By Muftau Ogunyemi

Fulani herdsmen who attacked Omolege Junction, an Ondo community last Wednesday came with AK 47 guns, the Coordinator of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) Folorunso Olofe said.

“This has been happening for long. They are always coming with AK-47. They were more than 50″, Olofe told Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

“One Amotekun officer was hit with a bullet during the attack. They came and killed the Baale. Police came and evacuated the dead and not up to 15 minutes, they came back and razed this place,” he said.

The Akarigbo of Ute Land, Chief Felix Olabode, also narrated how the attack happened.

“I was home when we heard that some gunmen came and killed people here. We came here immediately and we met a dead body. These buildings have not been razed.

“When we alerted the police, the DPO came and we didn’t know that those people were still around. Not less than 30 minutes after the police evacuated the dead, the gunmen came back and razed these buildings.

“They always use guns to scare people away here and then brought their cows to graze on people’s farm and drink water.

“When they are leaving too, they also use guns to scare people away and leave. We have seen the level of damage here. People have left here. We are begging the government to come to our rescue.”

Three people, including the community leader were killed in the attack. Several homes were also set ablaze by the herdsmen.

According to the villagers, the gun-toting herdsmen attacked the community following the refusal of the residents to allow their cows graze on their farms.

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Gov. Rotimi Akeredolu commiserated with the people over the incident, particularly over the death of the community head.

He said no government would be happy with the killings of its people.

The governor visited the community in the company of the state Commissioner of Police, Oyediran Oyeyemi; Commander of Amotekun Corps, Tunji Adeleye and some members of the State Executive Council.

Akeredolu, while describing the attack on the community as unfortunate, vowed that concerted efforts would be made to ensure that such an attack did not reoccur in the state.

“I commiserate with you on the death of your loved ones. May their souls rest in peace. No government will be happy with this kind of development.

“You have to be prepared. These herdsmen are becoming too problematic. We are not sleeping. You can see the police and Amotekun here. With this one they have done, we will ensure that it is their last evil act here.

“Those behind this are criminals. Those supporting them are all criminals too. Anyone who commits crime will answer for it.

The police and Amotekun, with other security agencies, will set out and bring them to justice. We will treat them as criminals.

“Both the police and Amotekun have briefed me that they were being shot at. But for their boldness and courage, the criminals would have overwhelmed them.

“I want to assure you, don’t be scared. We are still on their track. They have run to Edo now. But for the houses that were razed down, the government will bring relief materials. We will rebuild the ones that were razed completely.”

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