Why I sent Sandra Iheuwa packing 5 months after wedding - Thompson

Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson

Sandra Iheuwa and Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson has explained why she sent Sandra Iheuwa packing just five months after their wedding.

According to Thompson, Sandra -who is the fourth baby mama of Ubi Franklin- married for social media and not for the home.

He added that everything about Sandra “is a lie,” and she leaves his home dirty.

Thompson said: “I have to make a statement and this will be my first and last. My marriage to Sandra can never work again because of her too much use of social media.

“She doesn’t care about the home. She is bragging about how she cooked three times,” he wrote.

He added: “Truth is I will not let anyone tarnish my good image. I married the wrong woman that knows how to fight. She is fighting everyone.

“She even lied that I gave her std. I have been (on) my own for 4 years ooooo. Now just 5 months wahala wants to kill me.

“I moved her things myself immediately she left for the village. Her stuff are in my sister’s place in Phase 1.

“She did not move out, I moved her before her wahala kills me and told the estate gate not to let her in.

“This is my second marriage, right now I will focus on business. No man can marry this babe. I wasted N45 million marrying someone I don’t even know.”

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