Ernest Shonekan head of infamous ING dies in Lagos

Ernest Shonekan

Chief Ernest Shonekan

Chief Ernest Shonekan, head of the infamous Interim National Government in 1993 has died.

The former chairman of UAC and its first Nigerian CEO died in Lagos at the age of 85.

Shonekan, who was born in Abeokuta, headed the interim Nigerian Government between 26 August and 17 November 1993.

The military junta had arranged the contraption after General Ibrahim Babangida was forced to ‘step aside’, in the aftermath of the criminal annulment of June 12 election result.

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Businessman MKO Abiola resoundingly won the election. But the military did not allow him to claim victory.

The Shonekan government did not last as it was toppled by the ambitious chief of army staff, General Sani Abacha on 17 November, 1993.

The interim government thus went into history as the shortest government in Nigeria, since independence in 1960.

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