Kaffy sends message to critics (video)


Dance queen Kaffy

Award-winning Nigerian dancer and choreographer, Shafau Kaffy, has sent out a detailed message to those criticizing her after announcing her separation from her husband, Joseph Ameh.

The mother of two recently broke the news in a video posted on Instagram, confirming her divorce from the music director she married in 2012.

She further stirred a wave of negative reactions after giving tips on relationships and lessons to learn from her failed marriage on social media.

The dancer has now taken a hit at those who she said deemed her unqualified to speak on marriage and relationship issues, describing their stance as “hypocrisy”.

Kaffy in a detailed video on her Instagram pointed out the need to ensure society is building better unions.

“I’m not the type to keep quiet on something that I see is creating a failing system. Family is the fabric of society and if we are not intentional about every element, then we’re not ready for the change we seek,” she stated.

“Charity begins at home. To have a better nation, we need to start raising better families. And in order to have better families, we need to start having better unions and becoming better individuals.

“None complains when an ex-convict opens a church. You go there and worship. But when an ex-married person is talking about the things that you shouldn’t do in order to keep your home, the person is not qualified any longer?

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“Now that I’m no more married, then am no more qualified to talk about it? It’s fine. Even if it takes one soul to make the better decisions that we have made, it’s fine. I’m not called for everybody. The hypocrisy is too much.”

Making an example of her childhood, Kaffy said she left home after her parents divorced to become a better person.

“Our men and women are making mistakes, becoming baby mamas all over the place. We’ve made mistakes and we’re not setting precedents. Churches do their best but they need to hear it from normal people too,” she added.

“Even the decision to be with the person you’re with that ends wrong could also be a mistake.

“To those who think a divorce kills the children, I’m the product of one. My parents were not a standard qualified to raise kids with the kind of life they were living. I had to run away after living with one parent to be a better person.

“I was living in a home where father carried his own […] and the mother carried her own […]. Is that marriage? Those who claim men shall always cheat, whatever rocks of your boat, it’s fine. There are good men out there.”

Watch the video here:

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