Celebrity wives not submissive to husbands, Anita Joseph is: MC Fish

Anita Joseph and MC Fish

Anita Joseph and MC Fish

MC Fish, Nigerian comedian and the husband of Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph has disclosed that his wife is very submissive to him at home.

According to him, most of her female colleagues can’t be as submissive as she is and can’t do what she does for him at home.

MC Fish whose real name is Fisayo Michael, in a chat with Saturday Beats, revealed that Anita respects him a lot at home.

“I can’t just mention one but a few things. My wife is a homemaker. She respects me in the home, and I can categorically say most celebs cannot even do what she does for me in the house. They can’t be as submissive as Anita Joseph is to me. To top it up, she’s a friend and a good companion.

“She understands her responsibilities as a wife. The most beautiful quality is that she makes me laugh, even when I am angry.”

The celebrity couple had some days ago set tongues wagging after their heated public display of affection on Instagram.

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While speaking about their bedroom video in which the couple were spotted making it out, MC Fish stated that most of those criticising the video really need love.

“A lot of the people that criticised that video deep down really need love, and the sad part is they have no one showing them love.

“People should be able to express themselves in whichever way they please, especially if they are married.

“The truth is that Nigerians like to escape from the reality facing them. Of all the problems in this country, is it the love I’m showing to my wife that people have issues with?

“Nigerians should learn to face the current issues which we have, including poor electricity supply, insecurity, hunger and poverty.”

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