Brymo knocks Nigerians in Diaspora



Nigerian singer and songwriter, Olawale Ashimi Ọlọfọrọ best known as Brymo has taken a swipe at Nigerians who moved abroad and then begin to complain from overseas that the country is not working.

The singer condemned the overseas based Nigerians for waiting for others who did not relocate to make the country work so that they can return home.

“Folks move abroad and talk shit like “if only Nigeria worked we’ll all move back home” Nigeria na person na wey go fix their-self ..una go come return to chop .. lol,” he wrote.

A fan also reacted to his tweet, likening the post to art on NFT, calling on Nigerian artists to collaborate more with Nigerian creators

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“Same conversation, different context….. Artists should fuck with Nigerian Creators on this NFT banter. Everyone literally wins, you guys will be the pioneers and still make crazy money out of it. Sigh, instead they’d rather give thousands of dollars to external creators.. pfft,” he wrote.

Brymo recently released two surprise albums, as his eighth project and ninth studio albums.

The two projects “Esan” and “Harmattan and Winter” have nine tracks each, as reflected in their respective artworks.

The award-winning singer via his social media pages — Twitter — announced the albums, describing them as an “ode to every 1, to every SIGMA, woman and man, to order!.. This is an homage to karma, and to the seasons!!! ”

All songs are written and performed by Brymo, while all songs in Esan were produced and mastered by Mikky Me Joses. While songs in Harmattan and Winter were produced and mastered by Ezenwa Bigfootinyourface Ogbonna.

‘Esan’ is Yoruba for revenge while ‘Harmattan and Winter’ is symbolism for the transition from insufficiency to sufficiency.

Both albums explore heartbreak and healing.

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