How Oyedepo rejected N2bn bank loan to build Covenant University


Bishop David Oyedepo

Facts have emerged how Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Worldwide rejected N2 billion bank loan to build Covenant University.

This was revealed by Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Abuja, during a sermon.

The video was posted by Church Gist.

According to Enenche, “God’s servant, Bishop Oyedepo said after they have been given the certificate for the opening of Covenant University, why everybody was happy, he was still not happy.

“He held the certificate and asked God ‘Oh Lord, are you in this thing or just to open something, are you in it? If you are not in it, I will tear it now and God said, I am the one, go ahead.’

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“He said at a point, they needed about N2bn in the course of the construction and they brought some people from bank to assist them, to give them loans and that he heard the voice of God said to him, he was not going to take it anyway, but he said if God cannot build it, who can run it? And then God built it under seven months.”

Enenche used Oyedepo’s case to illustrate his sermon on answers which are the products of questions.

“Answers are the products of questions. Until questions are asked, answers are never accessed, especially the right questions. Brothers and sisters, don’t be afraid to ask questions because God is looking for who to answer,” he said.

“At the place of prayers, Abraham asked God questions. David asked God several questions and he got answers. Divine direction is the backbone of spiritual conquerors. The reason David lost no battle was because he always ask God questions,” Enenche added.


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