I hope to play for four or five years more - Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo receives FIFA BEST SPECIAL AWARD

Christiano Ronaldo said he still has a passion for football and hopes to play for four or five years more.

Ronaldo said this after receiving the FIFA Best Special Award at a ceremony in Zurich on Monday.

The award was in recognition of breaking the world record for international goals in September last year previously held by Iran’s Ali Daei (109), with Ronaldo now on 115 goals for Portugal.

“First of all I have to say thank you to my teammates, especially the national team during the last 2020 years,” Ronaldo said on stage in Zurich.

“I never thought [I would beat] the record, to score 115 – the record was 109, right? So, six goals ahead. I’m so proud for this special award from FIFA, an organisation I respect a lot.”

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Speaking on his obsession with football, Ronaldo who will turn 37 next month said:

“I still have the passion for the game. Not just to score goals,” Ronaldo said. “It’s to entertain myself, because I have played football since I was five, six years old.

“When I go to the pitch, even in training, I still enjoy [it] and my motivation is still there. Even [though] I’m going to be 37 soon, I feel good, I feel motivated.

“I keep working hard, since 18 years old, and I continue. I love the game, I still have that passion and I want to continue.

“People ask me sometimes how many years more I am going to play, and I say I hope to play four or five years more.

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