Robinho set to begin nine-year jail for rape

De Souza Robinho

De Souza Robinho

Former Real Madrid and Manchester City star Robinho will soon begin to serve a nine year jail sentence for rape, following the rejection of his appeal by the Court of Cassation in Rome.

The appeal of Ricardo Falco – a friend of the former player was also rejected.

The rape incident occurred in 2013.

Robinho was convicted of rape in 2017 with a nine-year jail sentence handed down by the courts but his appeal process with the Italian courts has been ongoing in the years since.

The former player continually rejected claims that he took part in a gang rape of a 22-year-old Albanian woman at the Sio Cafe nightclub in Milan in January 2013.

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The latest decision from the court in Rome is a final sentence with no room for further appeals with the sentence to begin immediately.

With the conviction, the Italian justice system can request the extradition of both Robinho and Falco, although the Brazilian constitution vetoes the extradition of Brazilians.

Due to this situation, Italy will be able to request that both men serve their sentences in a Brazilian jail.

Source: Mirror

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