All set for HighPoint Event Centre opening

All Set For HighPoint Event Centre Opening

All Set For HighPoint Event Centre Opening

The management of HighPoint has announced Thursday, February 3, 2022, for the opening ceremony of the event center.

The management, via a statement issued on Monday, said the opening ceremony will be spectacular.

The brains behind HighPoint, Mrs. Omolara Adebiyi, noted that she intends to give the guests something to think and talk about as 2022 unfolds.

All you need to know about HighPoint event centre

Inside this superb piece of real estate are features that can send the mind into a trance.

These include two fitly framed floors that can accommodate a total of 3,000 individuals, For the capacity, Banquet style is 1000, while theatre style is 2000.

Omolara established HighPoint over an enormous stretch of land that is estimated at 10,000 square meters.

HighPoint’s VIP lounge is something else that stretches the natural limits of the eye.

The 18 single-bed rooms can only be described as Dubai-level luxurious. And how does one describe the 2-bedroom suites for lodging and accommodation or the 500-vehicle car park with its air-tight security? Indeed, HighPoint as a masterpiece is set to change the face of event centers in the city of aquatic splendor. It is a testament of class, pristine and exquisitely polished.

Really, the building emphasizes without much effort the sheer tastefulness of the owner. The attention to detail that characterizes the structure is excellent. Irrefutably, both the interior and exterior decor were carefully chosen and planned with flawless finesse.

All of these will be showcased to the event guests come the third of February.

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