Reminisce speaks on new movie role, upcoming album



Nigerian rapper ​Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, popularly known as Reminisce, has announced that he will be featuring in another movie which will released later this year.

The veteran rapper revealed this while appearing on the Rubbin Minds show with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, TV host.

Reminisce who made his debut in Kemi Adetiba’s ‘King of Boys’ (KOB), didn’t reveal the title of the forthcoming film, but said it is centred around his person.

“I get approached a lot now for movies. But I make sure I bill appropriately, considering where I’m coming from as a musician. Beyond fees, I tend to also look at the script and see if it’s something I want to do,” Reminisce said.

“Apart from KOB, I did another that will be out this year. That one is centred around my person and name. I liked the script. But the billing is important. I have three children and school fees have to be paid, you know.

“I run a football agency now, doing ads and all that. It’s like a proper sports agency. It’s the same way music and advertising works. People don’t take musicians seriously. But imagine if I’m identified as a CEO of an agency.

“I had to appoint someone who is really close to me. He has been doing the groundwork. I appointed him CEO. But we run it together. We’ve done stuff with big names. I have my own football show on the side, so I’m not idle.

“I’m not scouting players. I’ve done that in the past, six years ago. I ran an amateur football club. It’s a tough job. You get disappointed by a lot of people, spend a lot of money, yet you can get just one breakthrough player.”

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Reminisce also known as Alaga Ibile further revealed that his next body of work would be released after his collaborative tracks with Buju and Simi are put out in the first quarter of 2022.

The 40-year-old musician currently has four albums to his name, including ‘Book of Rap Stories’ (2012), ‘Alaga Ibile’ (2013), ‘Baba Hafusa’ (2015), and ‘El-Hadj’ (2016).

Reminisce also said a concert is also to follow towards the end of the year.

“With all that I do, the music hasn’t really suffered. I have my audience and I know how to serve them. I promised them an album last year my many engagements made me not release it. It has been ready all this while,” he said.

“We’re going off with the first [song] in three days. Next month, there’s one with Buju. In March, there’s one with Simi. Next, the album comes out. I’ve told you all, so let me rest on Instagram. You’ll get a lot of music this year.

“I’m in the mood and you’ll get a concert as well. From the artwork to the content, I like my music projects to be themed. In the album, I talk about how my experiences with people and how family made me rearrange priorities.

“I want my fans to grow along with me. They’re older as well. I want them to be able to relate to what I sing about. I don’t dress the same anymore. Where I am at the moment, I want to make that reflect in my music.”

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