Lend helping hand to each other, Hon. Henry Iyke tells youths


Chief Mmerigwo Henry Iyke

Renowned philanthropist and businessman, Honourable Chief Mmerigwo Henry Iyke also referred to as Onwa na ala Uli has called on Nigerian youths to be their brother’s keeper and can achieve as much as their brothers.

Henry Iyke well known for his selfless and humanitarian acts of service across Nigeria said also urged them to contribute to lifting the nation by lending a helping hand.

According to the Anambra-born businessman, “supporting another person’s success won’t too much to do because the act will enrich your life, and that will positively impact your perspective about life.

“Our youths need to be well-armed morally, spiritually and academically in bringing about the desired transformation and development envisioned for the country. And this starts with them, by helping each other first.

“Be the guy who is ready to help in your environment, community, office, church, mosque, and so on.

“Your tomorrow is defined by the input you make today because it is more exciting to tell your success,” he added.

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Chief Iyke who is very well known for his philanthropic works through his foundation, Ifenalaife Foundation, further said giving back will give you a unique sense of purpose by serving those around you.

Born in Uli, Ihiala Local Government Area, Anambra State, Chief Iyke with varied business interests within and outside Nigeria has the well-being of his community at heart in everything he does. His humanitarian gestures within and outside his Alaife, Uli community speaks volumes of his kind-heartedness.

Through his philantrophic and social intervention foundation, Ifenalaife Foundation, many widows in his community and beyond have been empowered to be able to provide for their children and families. He has helped to lift many families out of poverty, and his massive investment in health care had helped supplement the efforts of governments in providing affordable health care to the less privileged people in his community.

Hon. Henry Iyke who was accorded with the famous title of light-bringer to the people of Uli( Ife na la Ife) has also constructed a 3 kilometre road in Uli, well equipped with street lights, and also provided pipe born water to the community.

Chief Henry Iyke has helped to reduce the unemployment rate amongst the youth and other social vices through his Youth Empowerment Program and Education Support Program which includes award of scholarships to best brains and indigent pupils and students in the society.

The Foundation also provided palliatives which include 400 bags of rice and 60 cartons of groundnut oil for the community and her neighbours to cushion the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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