Major cause of fire incidents across Nigeria in 2021 revealed


File Photo: Fire incident

By Kelechi Ogunleye

Nigeria’s Federal Fire Service (FFS) has identified electrical sparks as the major cause of fire outbreaks across the country in 2021.

This is according to a National Fire Statistics made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) by the FFS on Tuesday in Abuja.

The statistics revealed that the number of fire incidents caused by electrical sparks was 636, while electrical equipment caused 447 fire cases in the year under review.

The service also recorded 567 cases with unknown causes while accident, arson and automobile fires were 294.

It further stated that gas and special services caused 151 fire incidents while cigarette stub and bush burning caused 133 fires.

“High voltage from the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) caused 106 of fire; candles recorded 91, while building collapse cause of fire was 53 with flood recording 3.

“85 fires were caused by illegal storage of petroleum products while 89 fire causes are under investigation, “the statement read.

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However, the service recorded no cause of fire due to bomb explosions but received 190 false alarms of fire outbreaks.

According to the report, a total of 136 lives were lost due to the fire caused by the earlier mentioned ignition sources.

A breakdown of lives lost from each cause is: electrical equipment fire 2; electrical sparks 5; candles 1; high voltage 2; gas 19; accident/arson/automobile 36; building collapse 50; false calls 11; under investigation 4 and unknown 6.

“Cigarette/bush burning, illegal storage of petroleum products, bomb explosion and flood, recorded no death,” according to the statement.

“A total of 187 lives were saved with a breakdown of electrical equipment fire 131; electrical sparks 48; candles 13 and high voltage 20.

“We also recorded gas incidents of 66, accident/arson/automobile 91; building collapse 55; flood 3; cigarette/bush burning 36; false calls 4; under investigation 56 and unknown: 10.

“The FFS rescued 260 lives, saved properties worth N3 trillion and lost properties worth N18.9 trillion in 2021,” it said.(NAN)(

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