Cardi B ‘locks’ daughter’s Instagram page

Cardi B & daughter Kulture

American rapper, Belcalis Almánzar, popularly known as Cardi B, has locked the Instagram page of her three-year-old daughter, Kulture Cephus.

The rapper locked the page after trolls left negative comments for the three-year-old girl.

A tweep with the handle @champagnepriv_ had shared screenshots of negative comments from Kulture’s Instagram page.

“This is Kulture’s comments right now. They really have some nerve trying to play moral police on here,” the user wrote.

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Quoting the tweet, Cardi B noted that though she hadn’t been checking her daughter’s account, she’d be locking the page.

She also fired back at the trolls who left negative comments on her daughter’s page.

The rapper wrote, “I haven’t been checking my daughter’s account but now I’m going to lock her page. I don’t know wtf is going on but I hope y’all moms die for giving birth to you h*e a*s weirdos.”

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