Farrah Fawx shares the creative process that inspired 'Never Thought'

Farrah Fawx

Time was handed the mantle as the healer of all wounds, and it has become a widespread belief and words of comfort offered to those suffering. While time is a significant component in the process of healing and getting through difficult situations, it doesn’t necessarily provide a remedy for the period of waiting. Time will eventually soothe your pain and sorrows, but what do you do today to cope?

According to Farrah Fawx, music is the answer. Frank Ocean once said that people tend to enjoy music when they are happy, but they understand the lyrics when sad. Farrah Fawx agrees music is rooted in the soul and touches it in ways that no one can truly explain. However, everyone understands that music has the power to heal and help people understand situations. Farrah Fawx explains that music heals more than emotional wounds; it also helps the physical body.

Research has found music therapy quite effective; it helps calm people, ease muscle tension and reduce stress. Farrah Fawx says that all sorrows, longings, pain, and delight find a voice through music. Farrah Fawx adds that it speaks to the deepest parts and offers an immediate, powerful, and intimate experience. Getting immersed in songs changes the way people experience time, says Farrah Fawx. Where one minute would stretch to eternity when you are wallowing in sorrow and pain, music makes an hour feel like seconds.

When you listen to music, it doesn’t just offer a temporary reprieve. The words imprint themselves in your soul and play on repeat every time you begin to feel sad, overwhelmed, pain, anxious, or stressed. In the presence of music, you have no choice but to put everything else aside and listen to the words flow within you, healing and lighting up parts of you where the candles have gone out.

Music has the ability to transport you to a different time and place. This form of therapy helps bring a sense of peace, balance, and harmony into your life, even during the most challenging times.

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