Ibiyeomie to Yahoo Boys: Take your offerings and leave my church



Founder, Salvation Ministries, Port Harcourt, Pastor David Ibiyeomie has told Yahoo Boys in his church to take their offerings and leave the church.

Ibiyeomie, in a sermon on Sunday warned people in his church to stop doing Yahoo business, saying the church did not need their money for anything.

“Stop doing Yahoo, that is not the way to prosper, that is not God’s way. Stop cheating people. That is not God’s pattern of prosperity. God said he will bless us so that money will mean nothing to us.

“I was teaching in Warri and I said the way that I talk about Yahoo, if I don’t know prosperity you will be afraid, because you will be afraid as to whether they will not give offerings, I said let everybody who is into Yahoo take their offerings off, this Church will never be poor.

“In case, you’re hearing me and you’re a Yahoo boy, take your offering and go, this Church will still remain one of the richest churches on earth. What I know is too loaded to be dependent on your wretched purse.

“If you don’t know the Kingdom’s wealth, you will not talk the way I talk, you will be afraid, “oh God if these people do not bring money what do we do?”.

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“Take your money and go, this Church will be rich, I will be rich, you will be rich. Are you hearing what I am saying? God is not depending on that kind of money. In case you’re hearing me, you can get out of this Church, this Church will be one of the richest churches still on earth,” Ibiyeomie stated.

Ibiyeomie also said all “the politicians who were rich in this country are they rich again? No! I have been on this earth for some time. Some of them were so rich that people never believed that they would be poor. Are they not poor today? What are we talking about? So, don’t get carried away by not laying the foundation on the Word of God.”

According to Ibiyeomie in a transcript by Church Gist, “Prosperity starts with you laying up God’s Word in your heart, it’s not you giving money first.

“That is where we miss it, many think that giving money is the first thing, it is the Word of God in your heart first before you give money. Stop taking bribes thinking that is the only way to be prosperous.”


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