Pengmanmodel, Mayadidi2233, others take over TikTok

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Pengmanmodel is TikTok’s forward-thinking fashion style icon

Famous for his fashion style, TikTok creator, Pengmanmodel, has risen to popularity as a style and fashion influencer who is respected for his boundary-pushing outfits and his unique interpretations of viral trends and lifestyle content. In addition to that, he has received attention for his fashion tips, duets, and innovative challenges. Currently, he has built a followership of over 147k people and has received more than 706K likes across his videos.

Mayadidi2233 Wants To Create Memories

The key facet that has made TikTok an unavoidable presence in the last two years is built around a distinctive understanding of what moves culture. Some of these things include dance-alongs, duets, and challenges. But this list would not be complete without the strength of TikTok’s meme culture and TikTok creator, Mayadidi2233, is one of the most celebrated meme creators on the platform. She is known for her playful interpretation of distinct comedic happenings and humorous events. Presently, Mayadidi has over496 580k followers on her TikTok and has received more than 7M likes across her videos.

Viral Sounds


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The #LiveForeverChallenge is a viral sound that TikTok creators use to share a series of videos where people are piecing together certain details of their life, using images that capture memories of them expressing themselves. It has been used by the son of legendary Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwor, to depict the contrast between him and his mum while others have used it to capture their fashion sense. Presently, over 800k videos were published with this sound and it has also received about 150M views – do check it out!


The Mi Amor lip-sync sound is a love trend that went viral in-app allowing users to express love not only to their significant other but also to parents, friends, and loved ones in general. With many celebrating the month of love, the sound has had over 90M video views and has seen more than 439k videos published using the sound.

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