Citizens Unite mounts pressure on Osinbajo to contest 2023 presidency

Citizens 1

Members of Citizens Unite at the event

A pressure group, Citizens Unite has mounted pressure on Vice President Yemi Osinbajo to contest the 2023 presidential election.

The group also launched an app, ‘PYO’ to drum support for Osinbajo.

Speaking at an event held at Sheraton Hotel, in Ikeja, Lagos on Saturday, Leader of Citizens Unite, Dr. Maryam Shettima, said Nigeria needed thoroughbred professionals, academics, intellectuals, loyal politicians and emphatic citizens at the helm of its national affairs.

Shettima stated that the cap fits Vice President Yemi Osinbajo (VPO) the most, hence the reason the group would continue to urge him to come out and contest for the highest seat of power in Nigeria.

She said the group believed that Osinbajo has what it takes to usher Nigeria into a new age and that they would continue to pressurise him to declare his intentions to run.

She stated that at citizen’s unite, “we concern ourselves with the strategic and intellectual bits of national politics.”

Shettima added that working as a Physiotherapist at the State House Clinic in 2012- 2013, she had privilege of coming across various people in leadership positions and that the vice president stood out in humility, charisma and approachable.

“Not only is the vice president a visionary professional technocrat, he is also God-fearing, quick to act, bridge builder, compassionate, down to earth family man with street credibility just as we witnessed with the Trader Money and even more in his visit to Borno on Friday.

“I Am glad to say that after seven years as vice president, Osibanjo’s great qualities has not waned,” she said.

She added: “We are begging him to come out to contest in 2023. He is a detribalised Nigerian, We are here to pressurise him to come out and contest,” Shettima stated.

Also speaking Violet Anierobi said Nigeria has had challenges with exodus of its youths to other climes.

Dr. Shettima at the launch of the PYO app
Dr. Shettima at the launch of the PYO app

“Things have been so bad, our youths have refused to return home because of corruption,’ she said, adding that Nigeria could have zero tolerance for corruption.

“That is what Citizens Unite believes in. Can Nigeria survive this corruption? Yes, I do, one man is key, Osinbajo. That is what we are fighting for,” she said.

Speaking, Celina Unogwu said the group was working assiduously for Osinbajo to become president of Nigeria come 2023.

“We have people willing to move the country forward, intellectuals. What we are looking for is here? What do you want for Nigeria? What would you like to see? 2023 is where we have to think and come out with outcomes we deserve,” she stated.

According to her, “if our leaders can think out of the Box, I believe a new Nigeria can emerge. Are we ready to move forward? Are you going to decide who will move you forward? We need to think of how to bring those who can take Nigeria to the desired place to the table.”


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