5,300 Russian soldiers killed, Ukrainian officials claim


Devastation in Ukraine. Photo: (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)

Ukrainian officials have claimed that 5,300 Russian soldiers have been killed in the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

The invasion of the country by Russia enters day five today, with a peace talk to take place any time from now to decide if the war continues.

Kyiv’s defence ministry in a statement on its Facebook page said 5,300 Russian soldiers have been killed in the last four days.

It added that that 191 tanks, 29 fighter jets, 29 helicopters and 816 armoured personnel carriers have been destroyed by Ukraine’s forces.

But information released by the Defence ministry has not been verified.

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Meanwhile, the United Nations Refugee agency said 422,000 Ukrainians have fled their country and have become refugee in neighbouring countries.

The body added that over 100,000 people have been displayed within Ukraine as a result of the invasion.

The two warring parties are having a meeting at the Belarus border to see if they could reach a compromise to end the uprising.

The Ukrainians are asking for ceasefire and withdrawal of Russian troops from their domain.

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