Defiant Putin vows shelling of Ukraine will continue

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Defiant Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed that the invasion of Ukraine will continue while holding talk with French President, Emmanuel Macron.

In a chat with Macron on Thursday, Putin was quoted by The Elysee Palace as claiming that the Russian military operation was going according to plan and at the pace he wanted it to.

According to Elysee, “This conversation is unfortunately an occasion to hear that President Putin will continue military interventions and to go all the way.”

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Macron was said to have told the Russian president that he was committing a serious mistake and that the Ukrainian government was not, as Russia claimed, a Nazi regime.

He told Putin that his point of view did not reflect the reality, adding that he was worried about the impact on civilians, including from bombings around Kyiv – something Putin denied.

Macron told his counterpart Russia would end up “as a very isolated, weak country” under sanctions, the Elysee added.

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