Bloody day in Kebbi: Terrorists shoot 63 vigilantes dead



Terrorists have reportedly shot 63 members of local vigilantes dead in an ambush at Zuru area of Kebbi, Northwest Nigeria.

The incident occurred on Sunday evening, according to BBC Hausa Services.

Funeral for the victims have been held, amidst weeping and wailing.

Bandits have been declared terrorists group by the Nigerian government, as they have unleashed terror in northern Nigeria, killing and maiming thousands of people.

It was gathered that the incident took place in several towns in Kebbi State near the border with Niger State after an ambush by gunmen on a volunteer raid, which was carried out by gunmen.

A Takita resident told BBC that when the bandits first arrived, they abducted people and animals and that the vigilante people went after them.

“They ambushed and killed about 63 people,” he said.

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He said they confirmed the death toll after collecting their bodies for burial.

“The victims are from different parts of the country, including Takita and four other towns,’ he said.

A volunteer leader from Sanci, one of the affected towns, said 63 bodies had been counted from Dabai, Magajiyya, Takita and Rafin Zuru.

The Zuru Local Government Area Volunteer Commander also said that after collecting the bodies, they went to the police station where each side went to retrieve the bodies of their relatives.

“It affects the Zuru region as a whole. Every side has been affected,” he said.

He added that they were very involved in retrieving the bodies.

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