Google celebrates International Women's Day with doodle

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Google's doodle International Women's Day

Google is celebrating the 2022 International Women’s Day (IWD) with a doodle of an animated slideshow that shows a glimpse into the everyday lives of women across different cultures.

With the theme “BreakTheBias”, today’s IWD doodle was illustrated by Doodle Art Director, Thoka Maer and produced by Lindsay Elgin.

The art shows a transition from a mother working from home to a motorcycle mechanic teaching her skills to the next generation.

Each illustration depicted in today’s Doodle is connected by the common thread of how women show up for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Maer said “I really hope that women feel seen and valued for whatever they’ve been doing and are doing right now. Getting up in the morning and getting through the day.

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“Doing the dishes, holding on to the job or letting go of it, taking care of themselves and others. Those very basic things have been a huge piece of work since the beginning of the pandemic.

“I want all women to be able to truly choose the lives they want to live and receive all the respect they deserve. A stay at home mom makes the whole world for her children. A CEO makes for innovation and keeps her employees motivated and happy.

“The vagabond artist delights strangers and indulges in her freedom. Driving a truck, fighting for women’s rights, going to school, or making a meal. We all wake up in the morning and we all have a purpose, big or small. It all matters” she added.

Google will host a live-streamed Global Summit featuring panels, workshops, and tech talks highlighting the accomplishments and forward momentum of women technologists at Google and within the industry.

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