Oluwabamise: Nigerians express anger over call to burn BRT buses


BRT buses set ablaze during #EndSARS protest

Nigerians on social media have expressed anger over call by arsonists that BRT buses in Lagos should be burnt following the death of Oluwabamise Ayanwole.

Ayanwole was abducted inside a BRT bus and was later killed and dumped on Carter Bridge.

Arsonists had said on twitter that protest about Ayanwole’s death was not enough and advocated burning of the burses.

One of such arsonist, Temitope tweeted: “Protest won’t be enough, let’s burn all those BRT if they refuse to handover the driver or tell his whereabout.”

See other arsonists reaction below:

He and others have come under attack for trying to incite the public to burn BRT buses.

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During the last #EndSARS protest, over 100 BRT buses were set ablaze by arsonists. Residents of Lagos are still suffering the consequence of the dastard action.

Reacting to the call to burn BRT buses, a twitter user, Arinola Awokoya said: “Here is another one who is also planning to burn BRT buses on account of a crime committed by an individual that you have arrested already-the BRT driver who murdered a passenger. This urchin plans to burn LASG property on account of an individual’s crime.”

According to Omoluabi, “The prime suspect has been apprehended and the law will take its course. Inciting the public to burn BRT buses will inflict more pain on innocent citizens.”

Kunle Bici said “Those that made those tweets that BRT buses should be set ablaze should never sleep in there houses today but should be in custody so as to explain their tweets.”

Akowekowura added: “The idiot who is pushing to commit arson of BRT buses because of the heinous murder committed on a BRT bus, didn’t tell us if he boycotted Facebook for being the platform where those little boys learnt their devilish ritual antics from. I guess his, is just to burn down buses.”

According to Olukayode Bakri, “Lagos witnessed serious disruptions some time ago. BRT buses were burnt and they were replaced at huge cost to the tax payer. Is it not then unfair to allow people openly tweet about their plans to burn down the new buses again without appropriate response from the govt?”

As for Lekan Ajibilu, “But how does Burning BRT buses solve this problem? Many people are very senseless tbh. Instead of us to address the problem and provide solution. Burning buses will only affect the masses and not the Govt. You people should think and stop being foolish all the time.”

Another user said: “I don’t get why Gov @jidesanwoolu Lagos state is pampering these guys. The best time to prosecute instigators of arson and destruction on Govt properties was after EndSars, second best time is now. Don’t spare them, until people are used as scapegoats,others will think it’s right”

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