The World is Your Oyster Once You Find the Right Platform to Make Yourself Heard — Ginni Saraswati


For those of us who have the blessing of vocal cords, we have a powerhouse tool at our disposal. Our Voice. Both a figurative and a literal one.

The growing popularity of podcasting has created a whole new generation of voices that are ready to be discovered, heard and hopefully, change the world we live in along the way.

Ginni Saraswati, the CEO and Founder of Ginni Media, uses the platform of podcasting to share her own unique voice and help others to find theirs.

According to Ginni Saraswati, the key vehicle to leverage your brand, experience or interests across the world is the right platform.

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The award-winning journalist shares that the digital world offers endless opportunities to reach people who are searching for new voices.

With her podcast The Ginni Show, Saraswati creates a travel mixtape of experiences and stories from her guests and her own childhood experiences from living in or exploring different countries.

As a child, she shied away from speaking, but after a decade in broadcast radio, she finally found her voice through podcasting and established herself as a voice worth listening to. She says, “Positivity breeds positivity. So, sharing that only means more positivity.”

Her family relocated from Sri Lanka to Australia when she was two years old. Following her studies in Media and Creative Arts at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Saraswati took to the airwaves and became the host of two primetime shows on Joy 94.9FM: The Hump Day Crew and Rise Up Radio. Today, Ginni Saraswati is based in New York, and she now leads a team of twenty-three freelancers from around the world and embraces different voices, cultures and creativity in her own podcast and those that Ginni Media produce.

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