Buni, some 'Yahoo Yahoo' governors tried to supplant Buhari's will - Akeredolu


Buni and Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu on Thursday attacked Yobe governor, Mai Mala Buni, saying he and some ‘Yahoo Yahoo’ governors tried to supplant the will of President Muhammadu Buhari.
He said Buni was made the chairman, Caretaker and Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) of the APC to address anomalies in the party, but that he worked to supplant the president’s will.
Akeredolu, who is the chairman, Southern Governors’ Forum, in a statement, said with nostalgia, one could recall the moments of struggle as compatriots from all walks of life enunciated and berthed Nigeria’s most ingeniously successful political network.
“Without being immodest, APC’s birth was a novel instance. The party’s philosophical beacon woven around its ideological leaning was alluring. Undoubtedly, the firm leadership, candour and honesty exemplified by Mr President who heads the administration that is the product of the APC deserve no less of support and complimentary responsibilities from all stakeholders.
“The installation of the Caretaker and Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee (CECPC) of the APC was beyond a call to service. It was a child of necessity moulded to one, instill discipline in leadership and engender coherence among stakeholders and more importantly, to deepen the Rule of Law in our party,” he said.
Akeredolu said, however, the insidious and appalling happenings within the party in the last few months, especially under the immediate-past leadership clearly posited a huge embarrassment.
“Without necessarily dwelling on details that are known to critical stakeholders, the path taken lately by Governor Mai Mala Buni, the immediate past head of the CECPC and an indivisible few, is a unenviable trajectory undeserving of our dear party. It is a disdainful narrative.
“Nevertheless, the courage and determination as well as shrewd sincerity of purpose demonstrated by most of the APC Governors remain a delight. Significantly, the swift response and prompt action taken by Mr President have, in no small means, salvaged our great party from internal scavengers. We indeed, survived a Civilian Coup largely inspired by mischief and incurable lust for power through artificial barricades.
“Succinctly, aside feeling very delighted as a major stakeholder in the latest successful Rescue Mission, I express my confidence in the ability and capacity of Governor Sanni Bello(ABU LOLO) to take APC through. We, the Governors are for the party except for the few “Yahoo, Yahoo” Governors (apologies to Salihu, former DG of the Progressive Governors’ Forum) who were hand in glove with Buni to circumvent the Will of majority of our Party (APC) members. Progressive Governors in the true name, mostly all of us, are determined to see our Party through these patchy parts at all cost,” he added.
According to the governor, none of the scanty number had the guts to carry out their imaginary threats as reported in sponsored stories.
“We dare them to leave the party. Their short-lived antics in arm-twisting Governor Buni and probably, some pocket-filling elements within the corridors of power to supplant the President’s will through fake letters, endorsements as well as ‘Black Market’ injunction (procured since November, 2021) are despicable.
“Now that the clear motive aimed at frustrating our national convention has been botched, our dear party is on the track to greatness. Gov. Sanni Bello, ABU LOLO, carry on; you have the backing of the majority of us. You shall see our FULL backing come Thursday, 17th March, 2022 at the National Executive Committee meeting. But as you know, this is only for the conduct of the National Convention,” he stated.
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