Wealthy people with N1bn worth, but owing banks N10bn are stupid - Oyedepo


Bishop Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder, Living Faith Church Worldwide has said there are many stupid wealthy people whose net worth is N1bn but owing banks N10 billion.

Oyedepo, speaking at a mid-week communion service at Canaanland, Ogun State said there is a kind of wisdom that made one looked like they are not of this world.

“It is not found in the land of the living, there is no point going around looking for it, it can not be found in the land of the living. It is not in the philosophers, it is not with the rich, no matter how much money you amass, it is not equal to wealth.

“There are many stupid wealthy people who are owing more than they own. Your net worth is 1 billion and you are owing 10 billion. That is – 9 billion, is that wisdom? And you will be doing big boy around town but the banks know you are a small boy.

“The day they die, they may sell their wives. Wisdom gives peace so when you say you are at peace they don’t believe you because of the pressure they are under from living above their means, buying a big car on loan. Is that life? People just do some funny things in the name of trying to be big. Such people are not in this Church,” Oyedepo said.

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He added that when he is going to heaven at his old age, if Jesus tarries, there would be a curse on anyone who borrowed on behalf of this Church until Jesus returns.

“You don’t have to if we got to where we are without borrowing. How dare you, where did you get it from? I am not owing any man living or dead, I am going to heaven smiling. I have not cheated anyone. Wisdom is not available in the knowledge market.

“It is like going to Ile-Epo Market looking for aircraft to buy. It’s not available. You will walk around till day break; it’s not found there, stop wasting energy. Anything you can get in this world is not in the class of divine wisdom,” he stated.

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