How Fayose predicted Obaseki-Wike face-off in 2020 (video)


Ayodele Fayose

Ayodele Fayose had in 2020 predicted that Governor Godwin Obaseki and many of those who fought for his re-election in Edo, especially Gov. Nyesom Wike will eventually become enemies.

In an interview that is now trending online, Fayose specifically mentioned Wike among those who Obaseki would fight when he wins his re-election with PDP after Adams Oshiomhole booted him out of the governorship race in APC.

The former governor of Ekiti state added it was clear that Oshiomhole was a bad man but he was afraid that Obaseki would betray those who would shelter him from Oshiomhole.

Fayose had said:

“I won’t be surprised Obaseki will win this election because Oshiomhole is a very bad man, but if he wins this election I won’t be surprised if he turns his back on the likes of my friend Wike and all that. They are fighting tooth and nail for him but you should remember that I said it and I pray that Obaseki will not allow us to play this video. Because (for) those in the PDP now, he must keep his agreement with them, he must keep the agreement with them because they kept the party for his coming.”

However, the war predicted by Fayose came to light last weekend after Wike chastised the Edo Deputy governor Philip Shaibu for threatening to leave the PDP.

Shaibu had complained that Obaseki and APC members who defected with him were not welcomed in the PDP.

During a recent interview on Channels Television, the deputy governor said he, Obaseki, and their supporters could leave the PDP if the party continued to treat them like pariahs.

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Responding to Shaibu, Wike said the deputy governor has no right to threaten PDP because he and his principal begged for a PDP ticket after they were booted out by APC.

Wike said: “And he lost his local government when we were in Edo, he lost. And he would come out on television to threaten the party that there are alternatives, look at the deputy governor, it’s unfortunate.”

Wike added that “It’s very unfortunate for our party, a deputy governor is wearing khaki, look at it, I’ve never seen a thing like this in my life … who is his father?”

Obaseki, however, responded by calling the leaders of PDP to call Wike to order.

He told Wike that Edo is not Rivers and Wike should stop parading himself like he owns PDP.

Wike also fired back by calling Obaseki a serial betrayal.

However, please watch Fayose predicting their fallout below:

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