AdvoKC launches ‘soludometer' to monitor Soludo's campaign promises

Soludo 1

Soludo sworn in as Anambra governor

AdvoKC, a youth-led civic-tech organization has launched a digital platform to track the campaign promises of the newly elected Anambra state governor, Charles Soludo.

The civic organization has said the platform will monitor the fulfillment of electoral promises made by the former CBN governor and provide citizens with a platform for follow-up.

In addition, the platform called ‘SoludoMeter’ is the first digital sub-national promise tracker in Nigeria that monitors government activities in a state to promote accountability.

The SoludoMeter dashboard will provide information to citizens and politicians about Soludo’s campaign promises that are kept, broken, in the works, compromised, and stalled.

Citizens can also click on each of the promises to read short explanatory articles to drive engagement in governance across the state.

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Before developing the digital platform, the organization pored through Soludo’s manifesto document, debate videos, rallies, and interviews to aggregate his 100 most important promises.

Therefore, the organization will track important promises that affect the socio-economic condition of over 8 million Anambra indigenes.

Furthermore, this is AdvoKC’s flagship project as the organization build on the existing BuhariMeter and the Legislative Agenda Meter and is committed to promoting accountability through this project.

Professor Charles Soludo was elected on the platform of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) at the November 6, 2021 election held in Anambra state.

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