Pretty Mike turns heads as he comes to Lagos party with 'masqueraders''

PrettyMike of Lagos with his masqueraders

PrettyMike of Lagos with his masqueraders

Celebrity and nightclub owner, Pretty Mike of Lagos, real name Eze-Nwalie Nwogu staged another stunt on Thursday, appearing at Olalekan Dosunmu’s 50th birthday party, with masqueraders.

He was the paparazzi’s delight at the party hosted by the Akinsiku of Lagos, the custodian of Eyo Adamu Orisa.

Pretty Mike’s cast was fitting as the Eyos too are masqueraders.

The owner of Club Uno, created quite a stir as he made his own masqueraders collapse to the ground, one after the other, after his touch on the head.

He wrote on Instagram: @akinsikuoflagos__olori_eyo 50th birthday and I came bearing Gifts “If You know,You know ?….. #DrPrettyMike.

Last December, Pretty Mike stormed stormed the party of Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus. with about 24 men and women painted in white while they wore only underwear.

He appeared at a society wedding in 2020 with six pregnant women, claiming all.

In the following June, that is 2021, he attended yet another event in company of the six women he had earlier showcased.

This time, they followed him with babies in strollers.

Pretty Mike is unpredictable. No one really knows what showstopping stunt he has up his sleeves the next time.

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