Fashion world is crazy place to be, says Xtra Brides Lagos CEO, Oyetomiwa 


Oyetomiwa Daniel

Chief Executive Officer, Xtra Brides Lagos, Oyetomiwa Elizabeth Daniel has described the fashion world as a crazy place to be and that it takes the grace of God to keep moving,

Daniel founded a luxury fashion brand called Xtra Brides Lagos, some two years ago and has pretty much transformed the fashion landscape, dictating paces and trends for others to follow.

Apart from having offices in Lagos, Abuja, Turkey and the United Kingdom, Xtra Brides Lagos has a huge presence on social media where it commands almost 200 thousand followers.

In a recent interview, Oyetomiwa Daniel who also acts as the creative director of the brand, deploying her skills in creative detailing making, with the use of appliqués and embellishments speaks on her journey, mission and fashion.

“Well there’s no venture that’s easy but the fashion world is a crazy place to be and it takes only God’s grace to fuel the passion in you so you can keep moving,” she began, giving an insight to how it all began for her.

“I have always had a fascinating passion for fashion as I was used to pointing out errors in outfits worn on TV at a very young age. For every dress I see, rather than look away, I found myself looking for missing pieces in the design, what could have been added or deduced.

“I knew for a fact I was naturally informed about fashion so I proceeded to fashion school in VGC, I opted for the detailing course which today is a major attraction of my brand. I continued my training in Paris, France in 2019 and concentrated on detailing as well. At this point I knew I had all I needed to be the next big thing. I came back to Nigeria and started my business in a tiny room in my boys quarters,” she narrated

Today, Xtra Brides Lagos is not just an international brand servicing top celebrities and classic women across the globe but a fashion brand admired by thousands, as its Creative Director, “Tomiwa Daniel is convinced that her brand’s space is secured in the global fashion industry.

On fashion trends, she said, “Trends go out of style, creativity never does. So rather than follow trends, I create my style and stick with it.”

She stated that her best designer label is Fendi and her reason is simple.

“Fendi…I love nude tones and Fendi has the best shades of brown I like to wear,” she said.

She asserted that she sees her brand, Xtra Brides Lagos on the global map, dominating the fashion world and changing the narrative of Black women through fashion.

On the importance of social media to today’s businesses, she averred, “Social media is a mobile market and a solid one at that. Every image, if well projected and gets to the right people would bring back returns which is why the power of social media cannot be underestimated.”

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