Adeboye's bombshell: Nigeria moving towards bankruptcy, uncertain about 2023 poll

Adeboye on Saturday

Adeboye at the Holy Ghost service on Saturday

General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adebayo, spent much of his sermon Sunday at the Holy Ghost thanksgiving to speak on the state of the nation.

He spoke on the state of insecurity, 2023 election and the oil theft going on in Niger Delta and fears that Nigeria is moving “steadily towards bankruptcy”.

Athough the respected cleric urged Nigerians to register and vote in the 2023 elections, he said he was not sure if the election will hold.

“As a Nigerian, you have a duty to register, to vote and make sure your vote will count. You have a duty to belong to any party of your choice; you can’t refuse to vote and then complain about the government,” he said.

According to him, God has not spoken to him about the elections unlike in 2019 when God revealed things to him before the elections.

“As of now, as I am standing before you, I still don’t know whether or not there would be an election next year. Don’t say that Pastor Adeboye said there would be no election next year; that’s not what I said. Adeboye does not know yet, put the word ‘yet’.”

Adeboye also reacted to recent cases of attacks and killings in Kaduna State.

“You cannot travel by road, you might be kidnapped and attacked. You cannot travel by train, you can be attacked. No where is safe.

“Today, it is Kaduna, who knows where next?

“So I laugh when people start talking about 2023 elections because even me I don’t know yet if there’ll be an election.

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“During the last (2019) election, I knew there will be an election in August (2018) the previous year because he (God) has told me about it.

“It is not too late for him (God) to say something (about 2023) but for now, he has not said anything about it.”

Pastor Adeboye also disassociated himself from partisan politics and insinuations that the RCCG is supporting a political party.

“I have said it before, and I will say it again, I am not and will never be a politician, I am a pastor – that is what God has called me to be,”

“Please do not distract me. My assignment is to be a pastor; to pray for you, to pray for nations including Nigeria.”

The sermon also dwelled on the massive crude theft in Niger Delta, where 10 percent of Nigeria’s crude is stolen.

He said more than 90 percent of Nigeria’s income is used to service debt.

Nigeria is still borrowing more money, he said.

“Meaning, according to a friend of mine, that we are moving steadily to bankruptcy, a whole nation. My beloved Nigeria is moving steadily towards bankruptcy. ”

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