Italy expels 30 Russian diplomats over Ukraine

Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio

Italy's Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio

Italy has expelled 30 Russian diplomats “for reasons of national security”, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said in Berlin on Tuesday.

“On my instruction, Ambassador Ettore Sequi, the Secretary General of the Foreign Ministry, this morning summoned the Russian Federation’s Ambassador to Italy Sergey Razov to the foreign ministry to notify him of the Italian government’s decision to expel 30 Russian diplomats in service at the embassy as they are ‘personae non gratae’,” Di Maio said.

“This decision, taken in agreement with the other European and Atlantic partners, was made necessary by reasons linked to our national security within the context of the current crisis situation caused by the unjustified attack on Ukraine by the Russian Federation”.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova was quoted by Interfax as saying that Moscow would give a “pertinent response”.

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Di Maio added that “threats will not stop our effort for peace.

“Our peace effort continues, our aim is to achieve peace and this war in Ukraine was wanted and started by (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” added the minister on the fringes of a conference in Berlin on support for Moldova.

“We must stop it with all our strength, starting with a ceasefire and (then) reaching an agreement”.

Reported by ANSA

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