Igbo presidency is now or never: Primate Ayodele declares

Primate Ayodele

Primate Elijah Ayodele

The Leader Of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Elijah Ayodele has clamored for the Igbo presidency ahead of the 2023 presidential election, saying it is now or never.

In a statement signed by his media aide, Osho Oluwatosin, the cleric said that the next president of Nigeria should come from Igboland, especially for the sake of peace to reign in the country.

Ayodele said if Igbo leaders allow it to elude them now, they will not see the presidency till the kingdom comes.

The man of God warned them against betraying each other while calling on the South and North to step down for the Igbos in both political parties.

He, however, relayed that he isn’t sure anyone is ready to claim it among the Igbos.

Primate Ayodele said: ‘’Sincerely, without mincing words, the next president should come from Igbo, it’s just unfortunate that they are not that serious with their intentions because there is a political force struggling with it which they need to claim otherwise if it eludes them now, Igbo will never see presidency till kingdom comes.’’

‘’Igbo must wake up now, otherwise, they will betray themselves from producing the next president of Nigeria. The South and North should step down for Igbo, let them be used as consensus candidates. This can happen if the Igbo know what they want but do they really know what they want? Are they ready for it? I don’t think so.’’

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‘’Either they will perform or not, without any misconception, it is Igbos turn but if they fail it, their present leaders will be cursed by their great-grandchildren.’’

Primate Ayodele warned Igbo politicians not to allow cabals to choose Nigeria’s next president by uniting beyond party differences so they can produce a presidential candidate.

‘’ Don’t allow cabal to choose for Nigeria, let them resist the cabal, Igbo should be the next president. It has gone round, their clamor must be taken seriously, and they must unite now to produce the next president otherwise their great-grandchildren will curse them.’’

‘’If Nigeria wants peace, that’s how it’s supposed to be, Igbo deserve to produce the next president of Nigeria but who is ready among them? If we want Nigeria to move forward, let us arrange it properly, they deserve the presidency.’’

Furthermore, speaking on the kind of president Nigeria deserves, the man of God noted that we need someone who can handle Nigeria’s numerous crises, one who is courageous to face the challenges of the country. He made reference to France’s Emmanuel Macron and Ukraine’s Zelensky, stating that Nigeria needs people like that.

Also, he spoke briefly on some politicians that have bought presidential election forms, making it known that most of them can’t win their senatorial district and have not even governed their states successfully.

The cleric said: “We need someone who can handle insecurity, economic crisis, and our present situation, this is beyond political party. We need a president like Zelensky, Macron, someone who is courageous to face the challenges of this country, and people who have no biased mind. Some of those taking the presidential form are people that can’t even win their senatorial district, those that have not successfully governed their states. We need someone that can sustain our unity, who can harmonize Nigeria as Nigeria, not someone who will divide us’’

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