Babaginda suffers in silence as Adamu Garba comes calling [Video]

Adamu Garba with Babangida in Minna

Adamu Garba with Babangida in Minna

Former Nigerian leader, General Ibrahim Babangida trended on Twitter on Sunday as a video clip of presidential aspirant Adamu Garba surfaced.

The military ruler who does not suffer fools gladly is captured in the 90 seconds video suffering in silence as Garba reels out his presidential plans.

Babangida betrayed no non-verbal reaction or cues that he was actually listening to Garba and when he did turn his face to Garba, it was if he was saying: ‘are you still talking, you fool?

Twitter has been using the video posted by Garba himself 14 April, to mock him.

To be sure, Garba is not a friend of the vocal many on the platform, following his role during the #EndSARS protest of October 2020.

After the Federal Government banned Twitter, he urged Nigerians to join his largely unsuccessful social media platform CROWWE.

When the app was thrown out of Apple Store temporarily, it was an opportunity for his traducers to mock him.

On Sunday, Adamu Garba’s traducers were back at their game.

“Adamu Garba was just an empty vessel making the loudest noise in front of General Babangida (rtd)”, wrote John Sugarr.

“AG – a man with least talent and least knowledge, the one who often speaks the loudest and the most wants to become President? Isorite.

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“Nigerian Wonders,!! John Sugarr added.

“Even Babangida finds you boring, Adamu”, commented MohammedS

Funso Busayo @FunsoBusayo imagined a conversation between Garba and Babangida thus:

Adamu garba: I want to be presidential of Nigeria

Babangida: you say wetin?

“I hope I have convinced you and not confused you? Babangida looked confused and lost in this video”, wrote another Nigerian @maskilo64.

Christopher Nenman Jatau @NdeChindoAmper finished Garba:


Watch the video:

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