Zanzibar to host another FESTAC in May

Yinka Abioye

Yinka Abioye organiser of FESTAC Africa 2022 in Zanzibar

More than 10,000 artistes from across Africa are expected to attend the Festival of Black Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which will be held in Tanzania’s Zanzibar in May, the organizers said at the weekend.

Yinka Abioye, the chairperson of the FESTAC Africa and a member of the festival’s organizing committee and the Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators (ZATO) official Hassan Ali Mzee said the festival is slated for May 22 through May 29.

They told a news conference that participants in the festival will share their experiences in pan-Africanism.

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The festival, featuring “FESTAC Africa 2022 – Destination Zanzibar,” will showcase arts, culture, heritage, music, tourism, hospitality literature and travel, among other things, said Abioye.

The festival will also include an exhibition designed to showcase the richness of the African continent through a “Proudly Made in Africa Expo,” Mzee said.

He said many interested people and groups from African countries and members of the African diaspora have confirmed to travel to Zanzibar for the festival.

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