Tyson Fury: I am done with boxing

Fury 2

Tyson Fury knocked out Whyte

WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury on Wednesday said he is done with boxing and will not be returning to the sport that got him fame again.

He spoke at Piers Morgan’s TalkTV show.

Fury had knocked out Dillian Whyte in the sixth round of their fight last Saturday and he hinted then that he was retiring from the sport.

But when Morgan pressed him to tell the people his mind, Fury said: “Let me tell you the gospel truth, I am done. Every good dog has its day. Like the great Roman leader said, there will always be someone else to fight. When is enough, enough?”

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He said he is happy, healthy, still had his brains and could talk, coupled with his beautiful wife, six kids and umpteen belts.

Fury added: “I have plenty of money, success, fame, glory, what more am I doing it for?”

“Boxing is a dangerous sport. You can be taken out with one punch as we saw on Saturday night and it only takes one unlucky blow and you might not get up off that canvas.

“I am quitting while I am ahead. I am undefeated and only the second man in history to retire undefeated heavyweight champion. I am very happy and contented in my heart with what I’ve done.”

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