Comedian Cute Abiola celebrates new age

cute abiola

Cute Abiola

Popular Instagram comedian Cute Abiola with the real name Abdulgafar Ahmad, is celebrating his new age today, April 28, 2022.

Cute Abiola took to social media to celebrate his big day with photos of himself rocking a colourful Yoruba traditional ensemble Agbada.

The comedian in a post on his Instagram page stressed that he will be selfish and prioritize himself because he is an awesome person as he celebrates today.

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Sharing photos of himself looking dapper in his native attire, the online sensation wrote: “Today, I’m going to be selfish and focus all my attention on me. I will make myself my priority. I’m such an awesome person that it’s hard for anyone not to recognize it. YES! YES ! YES I’m going to celebrate it accordingly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (say me a prayer).”

The Nigerian comedian who is also an official in the Nigerian Navy has carved a niche for himself in the competitive comedy industry in the character of “Lawyer Kunle”.

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