MySol Nigeria celebrates impacting 300,000 lives


L-R: Junior Kwebiiha, Head of Strategic Marketing, ENGIE Energy Access; ‘Muyiwa Kolawole, Head of Customer Experience, ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria; Gillian-Alexandre Huart, Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Energy Access and Ayisola Iroche, Head of Branding and Communications, ENGIE Energy Access, at the launch of ENGIE Energy Access new experience centre in Gwagwalada area of Abuja.

MySol Nigeria, a leading solar homes systems brand in Nigeria, has announced a new milestone of connecting 60,000 households to solar power and in turn impacting 300,000 lives across Nigeria.

This announcement was made in Abuja, at the launch of the company’s newest experience centre that aims to provide MySol customers with an exciting first-hand experience of the brand, as well as key aftersales services.

The new experience centre replaces the former centre that had become too small for the type of growth the brand has experienced over the last year.

With 36 MySol experience centres and point of sales outlets spread across Nigeria, MySol has the coverage to be close to its customers, which helps to resolve customer complaints fast.

At the experience centre launch, MySol rewarded select customers by making them MySol Ambassadors.

These customers were chosen because they had been long-running advocates of the brand, keeping up with their monthly loan repayments and referring the brand to new customers.

Bankole Cardoso, Managing Director ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria, said: “The newly launched experience centre will ensure that we continue to support the lives that we directly impact. Our commitment is that 90% of customer complaints will be resolved within 24 hours at the center and others across the country, while the remaining 10% will be resolved within a maximum of 48 hours.”

Cardoso also noted that MySol has toll-free phone lines that customers can continue to take advantage of to resolve any issues that they might encounter. “We are aiming to cover all angles in our total commitment to the MySol customer,” he said.

Cardoso congratulated his team for achieving the milestone of 60,000 customers. “That is 300,000 lives directly impacted by the work we do across individuals, households and businesses. With this achievement, our commitment to improving the livelihoods of people in rural communities through access to renewable energy solutions is renewed, and I cannot wait for when MySol will cross the 100,000 customer milestone, and 1 million customers landmark in Nigeria.”, he concluded.

Gillian-Alexandre Huart, CEO at ENGIE Energy Access, commented: ‘‘At ENGIE Energy Access, our customers are at the heart of all that we do. Strong of our presence in 9 countries in Africa, and thanks to MySol Nigeria crossing this 60,000 customer mark, we are now tangibly impacting 7 million lives. Accessibility to efficient, affordable and renewable electric power is a significant element of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) matrix and crucial for Nigeria, considering that almost half of the population does not have access to energy. At ENGIE Energy Access Nigeria, we are committed to bridging this energy gap.”


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