Access Bank lifts many staff as it changes to Access Holdings Plc, Corporation

Herbert Wigwe Group MD Access Corporation

Herbert Wigwe Group MD Access Corporation

Access Bank Plc has promoted 800 employees across the senior, middle, and junior management levels, as it quietly transformed on 1 May into Access Holdings Plc, with the trade name, Access Corporation.

The Group Head, Communications and External Affairs of the bank, Mr Amaechi Okobi, said the employees immeasurable efforts and sacrifices saw the bank’s consistent growth over the years.

On 16 April, in a notice to shareholders, managing director of Access Bank Plc said the bank will become a holding company from 1 May, and that it will be known as Access Holdings PIc, but trading as Access Corporation.

“This change will see us evolve from a bank into a large-scale ecosystem player offering a new globally connected set of services”, Wigwe said.

“This ecosystem will offer specialized services at the same time as a seamless integrated experience to improve both relevance and convenience.

“Access Corporation will oversee a group of portfolio companies with
significant complementarities that will drive more value for you.

“These include: Access Bank Group: banking remains at our core, now equipped to provide best-in-class, seamless and consistent Customer Experience, and service delivery in its operations in Nigeria, and across its 14 subsidiaries in Africa, Europe and Asia.

“Lending Company: a Consumer Lending Company, serving individuals and
SMEs. The products on offer will include buy-now-pay-later loans, car
loans, small mortgages, salary-based loans, working capital loans, durable goods loans, point of sale loans and much more. This is a digital business, focused on speed, convenience and value.

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“Payment Company: a Payment Services Company that will drive
payments domestically, across the African continent and beyond. Primarily a business services company, the Payco will make payments simpler, faster and more efficiently. The focus will be on; Switching, Card Processing, New and Emerging Payments including managing the

“Access Payment gateway to facilitate e-commerce. The Payco will partner with organisations to be the most-trusted Fin Tech enabler in the continent.

“Insurance Company: we recognize that Insurance is key to sustaining
businesses, and it is a tool to protect intergenerational wealth and benefit societies. Access Insurance Brokerage would provide a value-added insurance brokering service focused on your individual and business protection needs.

“Your banking service experience will be highly improved, and you will be connected to even more exceptional opportunities to suit your lifestyle and business needs”.

Wigwe also announced changes in the company’s structure from May 1.

He will become head of the Access Corporation as the Group Managing
Director/Chief Executive Officer.

Roosevelt Ogbonna will take over as Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the Bank.

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