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Sports simulators are one of the most popular computer games. Projects devoted to football remain invariably in demand, although many other sports are trying to compete with it.

At Game Karma you will find a wide selection of online sports games.

There are suitable options for fans of any sport from football and hockey to golf and frisbee.

Football Legends 2021

This game does not belong to large-scale platform simulators that correspond to real sports to the smallest detail.

Here, every player can enjoy football regardless of the level of knowledge about this sport.

The gamer has to manage only one player. As part of the football championships, you need to make every effort to win the team and move up in the standings.

The game is played according to the traditional rules in the playoffs.

Please note: you can participate in competitions with friends, which makes the gameplay even more fun.

Flick Basketball

The online game is popular among basketball fans and relentlessly breaks attendance records.

Users are attracted by the simplicity of mechanics and rules, the absence of a complex plot, and convenient controls.

The player is offered a basketball hoop and a ball. You can experiment with serves in different ways while observing only one main condition — always hit the target accurately.

After each well-aimed throw, the difficulty level increases.

The basketball hoop has prepared many surprises for gamers.

Funny Golf

This game will appeal to both golf fans and users who have never held a club in their hands. On a spacious field, there are many obstacles that the gamer needs to overcome.

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Unlike classic real locations, sharp drops, deep reservoirs, and other traps await players here.

Despite the unusual field, the rules of the game correspond to the real ones: the player needs to drive the ball into the hole with the minimum number of strokes.

Points are awarded for each hit. The more points the user earns, the worse the result in the standings will be.

Sky Ski

If you love winter sports and outdoor activities, this online game is just for you.

The project is dynamic and exciting. You can go to conquer the snowy mountain slopes on your own or with friends.

It will be much more interesting to compete with them!

On the way, the protagonist encounters trees, stones, and other obstacles.

If they could not be bypassed, you will have to start all over again.

In addition to fighting for the best result, don’t forget to collect the gold that is found along the track.

Coins can be used to buy new equipment and improve the hero’s stats.

Frisbee Forever 2

The Frisbee game simulator has gained high popularity unexpectedly for developers themselves.

The secret of success is simple. The game combines high-quality graphics, simple mechanics, and a fun atmosphere.

Frisbee control is the main task of the user. The player should overcome the given route by air, following the trajectory.

Along the way, you have to collect bonuses and overcome obstacles in certain areas.

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