Oyedepo reveals secret of his stupendous wealth, why his church can't pay his salary


Bishop Oyedepo

Presiding Bishop, Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo has revealed that over 80 per cent of his income came from outside his church.
He also said he earned his last pay in the Church in December 1987, saying it was between him and God.
Oyedepo spoke at the church’s midweek communion, tagged: “Operating in the Realm of Financial Fortune.”
 “Nobody heard it from my mouth until 1996. I had my own personal accountant in 1991. Can I appeal to you? If you don’t want to serve, step aside and let another take your place.
“It’s an honour to serve in any set agenda of God. Honour Jesus. All those small obedience counts a lot in defining where one’s life is heading. Will this Church ever pay me what He pays me forever? No! It is a prosperous Church but they will carry placards if they have to pay me that,” he said.
Oyedepo, in a transcript done by Church Gist, added: “Let me tell you something. Over 80 per cent of my income is not from this Church environment. I am telling you the real truth. When God pays you, He pays in abundance. He brings fish from everywhere and you can’t put anything in my hand without a certified source.
“I will always ask “what do you do Sir?”. If what you do has no name then thank you, Sir. I have returned houses given to me, not because it is not from the right source.
“May the blessings that returned with Abraham even though he returned with Isaac return with you. My prayer is that this rewarder God will be allowed to reach out to your life.”
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