Russian warship Admiral Makarov burning after hit by Ukrainian missiles

Russian warship Admiral Makarov on fire

Russian warship Admiral Makarov on fire

Russia’s Admiral Makarov warship is burning in the Black Sea after it was hit by Ukrainian missiles, Ukrainian officials said.

The frigate would be Russia’s latest naval loss in a troubled campaign, coming after reports that US intelligence helped Ukraine locate and sink the Russian warship Moskva weeks ago.

It was said to have been sailing close to Snake Island in the Black Sea south of Odesa.

Admiral Makarov burning in the sea
Admiral Makarov burning in the sea

Ukrainian presidential adviser Anton Gerashchenko reported on his Telegram page that Admiral Makarov was hit by a Ukrainian “Neptune” anti-ship missile.

Russian navy ships stationed in Crimea were sent to help Admiral Makarov, he said.

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Dumskaya, a Ukrainian-state newssite, said Russian forces had sent helicopters to rescue the crew of the ship, said to be 180-strong.

Admiral Makarov is a modern frigate loaded with guided missiles, according to the World Directory of Modern Warships.

If lost, Russia’s frigate fleet will be down to 10.

The Russian Ministry of Defence has not commented on the reports.

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