Face of a Partisan CBN Governor: Nigerians descend heavily on Emefiele

Godwin Emefiele

Suspended CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele

Nigerians have descended heavily on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Godwin Emefiele for joining the presidential race while still in office.

Emefiele has purchased APC’s N100 presidential forms but he claimed that friends and supporters got the forms for him.

He said he had not yet decided to run for the presidency and might decide in couple of days, but with the development, Emefiele has been an APC member contrary to the oath of his office.

Nigerians took to Twitter on Sunday to lash out at Emefiele for joining the presidential race when he is still the governor of CBN.

According to Kalu Aja, “CBN Governor that is focused on raising fees for form rather than lowering interest fees for SME’s, is that one CBN Governor?”

Savn Daniel said “Emiefele is the worst of all CBN Governors Nigeria has ever had. To even think that there are extant laws and regulations that prohibits a sitting CBN Governor from indulging and/or engaging in politics whilst Office is most overwhelming. Phew!”

Prince added: “If I weren’t Nigerian, I wouldn’t believe that country is a real place. CBN governor running for president while active in the CBN? I remember this and I shudder. God save us.”

Tife Boro stated: “Make these politicians for Nigeria no dey lie abeg CBN governor is claiming the masses got him his form and persuaded him to run for president. As per say his policies in CBN have been revolutionary or what?”

As for Timothy Onyebuchi, “Please resign as CBN Governor & go home. We’ll remember you as the man under whose watch, many fake investment companies operated for years, used bank accounts to defraud billions of ₦ from Nigerians and you couldn’t recover the ₦. You banned crypto. $ went from ₦160 to ₦580.”

Oluwakorede MPA said “Godwin Emefiele is Nigeria’s worst CBN Governor. His policies have done more harms than good to our private & collective economies Just imagine having him at the helms as President, superintending over our national affairs…just imagine! If his ambition is a joke, let him stop it.”

Shedrack stated: “If EFCC does not take quick action to investigate and apply the rule of law (public office conduct) on the CBN Governor‘s presidential aspiration. Then, I will never believe that EFCC was created for a just cause instead was created to be bias!”

David Ofor added: “Is CBN governor, Mr Emefiele a member of APC? I can’t remember him registering as a member/ revalidating his membership. Asking to know, please.”

Hamma said “Emiefile met the dollar at N160 and took it to 580. He is shamelessly saying he will consider being Nigeria’s President with his disastrous time as CBN Governor for the economy.”

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Farooq Kperogi said “The CBN governor, who manages Nigeria’s money & who should be apolitical, is running for president without resigning his position. I honestly won’t be surprised if I hear the INEC chairman say a group of concerned Nigerians have contributed N100m to buy the APC presidential.”












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