Prophet Samuel sends important message to Nigerian youths


Prophet Ikechukwu Samuel

Shiloh Word Chapel General Overseer, Prophet I O Samuel has issued a stern warning to Nigerian youths.

The Abuja based cleric in a recent prophetic declaration said “Which way Nigeria? Today the rich has made the poor to have a feeling that there is no hope of survival in Nigeria with what has been happening recently. I weep for Nigeria”.

“ When the pandemic hit Nigeria many watched as the poor died in their thousands because of hunger. They turned their backs to the poor but now as the election time is close , they have suddenly remembered you.

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“Millions of money is rolling for common forms to be president of Nigeria Including our so-called ministers of God. It is a shame but Nigerian citizens are begging to eat; some flee to die in the sea or deserts of hunger. No Security. No lights. No roads. People sleep over to buy fuel daily. Prizes for transport, and food skyrockets. Many die daily in the custody of bandits; terrorists; or unknown gunmen. Our kids are on drugs. Many joined cults for quick money and many young ladies are on the streets at night hungry; we kill our prophets with words and adopt cultism and men that speak sweet words. we are all afraid of the day and night while everyone is now a politician.”

“ God still loves Nigeria my message is for all the hardworking youths please don’t cry or give up. God has remembered his people. You are cashing out in Jesus Christ’s Name, Amen. Be wise to save and Invest. Put God first pray and work hard. Men are full of disappointments, reduce unreasonable celebrations and save wisely, certainly, you will be a success.”

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