I won't rest until I bring down Apostle Suleman - Stephanie Otobo


Otobo and Suleman

Nigerian singer, Stephanie Otobo has vowed not to rest until she brings down the General Overseer, Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

Otobo had reignited her attack on Suleman after some years she recounted her statement that Suleman sexually harassed her.

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She came back a week ago to release some photos which she claimed she got during romance with the Apostle and Suleman had tweeted, rubbishing Otobo’s new ranting.

But on Saturday, the singer took to her Twitter handle again, saying she had lost so much because of Suleman and that she would not rest until she pulled him down.

In series of tweets, Otobo released a photo of her and Timaya and said “At Timaya’s home studio when I came to Nigeria in march 2017, I had a music collaboration with Timaya, paid him naira N3.5m. He hooked me up with Clarence Peters for the video shoot. We never released the song cos apostle Johnson Suleman arrested me 2 days prior the video shoot.
“The police that Apostle Suleman sent to arrest me, took my phone which the song was in, which also had more evidence of I and his romance history, all of these was to clean the tracks and silent me. But thank God I had some receipts saved in my ipad and that Timaya’s pic was on IG.
“Just 2 days to my video shoot, I and my friend that linked me up with Timaya came down from Canada that month. This juju apostle locked the both of us for 3 days without bail. This was what prompted me speaking out at first. I never wanted to talk.
“I don’t even have the song I paid N3.5m for. Immediately the saga burst, I didn’t even have the focus for music. For the next 18+ months, I was troubled with oppression and court case activated with bribery. Flying down from Canada for court hearings twice every month.
“My lawyer said I mustn’t sleep in Nigeria. I have to go back after every court sittings. Omo, it was mad. I don see something sha. Until I got exhausted and stranded. Apostle Suleman now convinced me that d only way out is to do a false confession that I lied against him.”
Otobo added that Timaya never refunded her money and was not even ready to retake the song, saying she understood “tho, I was in a scandal with a high profiled person like Apostle Johnson Suleman, he was just trying to avoid troubles. But he would have at least encouraged me with half of d refund. It’s well.
“Paid Clarence Peters N1.5m to balance N1m, he asked me to come shoot whenever I’m ready tho. This was just the beginning of this Apostle Johnson Suleman going heartless on me becos he wanted to do damage control of his d*rty character. Didn’t even care what I went through.
“Till date, I didn’t get back my phone. If it wasn’t for my ipad, I wouldn’t have been able to save any receipt. I supposed to have been blown in music by now. Unfortunately,  I became famous for negativity. Didn’t have any choice. Y’all think it’s clout? Smh. I’m just telling my story.
“It’s painful, you expect me to go through all this and worst, then keep quiet? If I was your relative, would you be telling me to calm down? I want justice. Imagine all he’s cost me these years and no compensation. No justice, people have wrong view of me. I won’t rest o.”

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