Shame on you, it's not your business if I marry 100 wives - Yul Edochie blows hot


Yul Edochie and wife, May Edochie

Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has attacked his critics for insulting him after he took a second wife, saying it is none of their business if he decides to marry 100 wives.

Edochie recently announced his second marriage to actress Judy Austin, adding that she already had a son for him.

Nigerians have been bashing him for taking a second wife.

But the actor took to his Instagram page on Saturday to release a video where he attacked his critics for attacking him.

Edochie said there were so many issues in this country that people should channel their energy to, especially the Naira, which now exchanged at N590 to a dollar despite a promise made by the APC to bring down the dollars when they came into power in 2015.

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“What have you people done about it? Nigerians, what are you saying about it? What are you saying to the people? I see youths are also forming different support groups for the same party. And these are the same people who come online to say things about me; to judge me.

“Shame on all of you. I repeat myself, shame on all of you. You have no right. It is my life.

“It is my life, I have the right to wake up one morning and marry 25 wives, if I like, I make it up to 50, it is not your business, it is not the business of everyone to be saying things around, it is my life.

“I have the right to wake up one morning and marry 100 wives, it is my right. The only person I owe an explanation is May my wife.

“A man like me who has integrity and respect and guts to own up and people are saying things about me. Shame on you. Can you hear me? I say shame on you,” he lashed out.

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